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Natasha is the curator and founder of KIND QUINN. 

She decided to create an online boutique that featured products that get used in your day to day life (daily rituals of self care), by brands that represent one or many of the values she aspires to live by.

From plastic free shampoo, hand made products from small brands, clean beauty, brands representing diversity, brands that give back and so much more.



"I have changed so much since having my babies and they have helped me see the world in a totally different way. From how I want to live and how I want to treat people and the world we live in. KIND comes from the initials of my first borns name and Quinn is the name of my second child. Those who know me know I have 3 littles, and do not worry I am not leaving Riley I have plans to incorporate her name in the future. I dreamed up the name before she was born... lol and have been attached to it ever since, knowing I would give the name to something special. Welcome to KIND QUINN."